So how much will your project cost? Nobody likes to hear, "it depends," but it really does. To take some of the guess work out of the process, we prefer to price your project as a whole rather than billing hourly. This generally creates a lower cost for you if we fix the price and have good requirements. However, we are also available at the following hourly rates:

  • Data Mining and Open Source Research - $60.00 - $95.00/Hour (Higher if we have to develop software for the job.)
  • Computational Content Analysis - $95.00/Hour
  • Web Site Development (Internet, Intranet) - $90.00/Hour
  • Web Site Content Development - $120.00/Hour
  • Database Development (Access, Pick) - $100.00/Hour
  • Programming (Pick BASIC, Visual BASIC, Rebol, Python, etc.) - $95.00/Hour

Project terms are negotiable, but we suggest 25% on contract signing, 25% on delivery of the first draft and 50% at the finalization of your project.

We'll also work with you on general computer issues such as hardware upgrades, comparative software analysis, backup strategies, and virus removal. We price this case-by-case.