REBOL (Relative Expression Based Object Language)

REBOL was designed to solve one of the fundamental problems in computing: the exchange and interpretation of information between distributed computer systems. REBOL does this by integrating the concept of a programming language with that of a metadata language. The ultimate goal of REBOL is to provide a new architecture for how information is stored, exchanged, and processed between all devices connected over the Internet. Unlike other approaches that require tens of megabytes of code, layers upon layers of complexity that run on only a single platform, and specialized programming tools, REBOL is small, portable, and easy to manage. REBOL is "both-sided" technology. It is an integrated solution to distributed computing that works best when it runs on both the client and the server. (However, that is not a requirement you can use it on just the client or just the server.) This is a multi-platform language comfortable in Windows, Mac, Linux, Amiga and other operating systems.

There are two dated (2000) books on REBOL that remain relevant today:

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