Some Current and Previous Clients:

Alpha Site, Pleasanton, California

Consultant to several of the company's clients:

  • Develop Local Area Network implementation plans.
  • Install and troubleshoot Windows NT server software.
  • Provide systems administration for mvBase/Pick Systems based systems.
  • Create and maintain Data BASIC software.
  • Developed Domestic Violence Information System (DVIS) data base to facilitate sharing information between law enforcement a women's shelter.
  • Maintain and enhance Visual BASIC software.
  • Develop Internet invoice delivery software using REBOL.

Boswell, Santa Cruz, California

  • Created this product site for Copernican Technologies.
  • Manage and maintain this web site including product demo download stats, customer data and product upgrades.

Cadence Design Systems, San Jose, California

  • Provided design assistance and proto-typed web pages for the development of a human resources Intranet web site.

Copernican Technologies, Inc., Santa Cruz, California

  • Created company's web site.
  • Manage web site changes and email addresses.

Danna Aliano, San Ramon, California

  • Created and maintained web site describing information about Danna´s professional appearances.

Guitar Farm, Chico, California

  • Designed and implemented website.

Jones Hamilton Company, formerly of Newark, California

  • Provided consulting services to corporate webmaster.

Livermore Police Department, Livermore, California

  • Provided systems administration for a Pick R91 system.
  • Ensured records management system made it through Y2K
  • (Maintained and enhanced original web site.)

Med Biz Forms, Creston, Iowa

  • Redesigned and enhanced medical business forms ecommerce web site.

Santa Cruz Society of Human Resource Management, Santa Cruz, California

  • Created organization's web site.
  • Manage web site changes and email addresses.

Seagate Technology Inc., formerly of Scotts Valley, California

  • Internet recruiting.
  • Responsible for publishing employment portion of their website.
  • Enhance corporate web presence through the establishment of job postings and advertisements on Internet web sites.
  • Create and maintain Corporate Intranet web site for posting of internal job opportunities.
  • Development of several Corporate Human Resources Intranet web sites, including:
    • Diversity
    • Employee Referral Program
    • Job Opportunity Program
    • Recruiter's Resource
    • SkillSet Desktop Recruiter application
    • University Relations
  • Provided Project Lead, Systems Management and Database Administration services for a job opportunity and applicant tracking project using SkillSet's Desktop Recruiter software.
  • Lotus Notes application development.
  • Liaison to Seagate's resume processing vendor, I-Search.

Slider and Associates, Silicon Valley, California and Washington, DC

  • Established company's initial web presence.
  • Managed web site changes and email addresses.